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ATM Dogs

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dogs at HSBC ATM

 It is hard enough to get my dog not to jump on people, but these amazing dogs are helping their disabled owners. Canine Partners a training group out of England are training their dogs to help assist their owners at the ATM. The dogs are able to get close to the machines that their owners may not be able to use otherwise. Now you may be asking how Fido learns their owners PIN number; well that is the one thing that these dogs cannot do. But as many of us know the card reader slot is usually more difficult to reach than the pin pad, so these dogs can stick the card in to the card reader allowing their owners to use ATMs otherwise not accesible. Please vist the Canine Partners site to see what great work they are doing for owners across the UK. I am sure that there is a company in the US that can do the same, so if you know of one please let us know!