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Increasing Your ATM Transactions

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

So you have purchased a new ATM, what now? How do I get people to use it?


1. Ensure the machine is in a highly visible position. This sounds like a no brainer, but we have all driven by a bank that says they have an ATM, but we cannot see it anywhere from the street. This means when you are planning your branch, that you drive by the branch from all directions. Walk around the building. DO NOT stick to the traditional "it must be here" or "you cannot put it there". This machine is an investment and you need to put it where you are going to get the best ROI! 

2. Spotlight the ATM. Again, this is an investment. Ladies, if you bought a new Louis Vuitton purse you would not walk around with it in a plastic bag? No!! You would flaunt it and make sure everyone knew you had one. The same is true with the ATM. Make sure the landscaping around the machine is not blocking its view from the street. Make sure there is adequate parking near the machine or a clear path to the lane it is on. Utilize signage to indicate where the machine is. You want to make sure no one drives away from your location because they cannot find the ATM. 

3. Utilize graphics and branding. This is your opportunity to send attention to your machine and make sure everyone who uses it knows that it is yours. If it is a lobby unit not inside of a branch, try wrapping the ATM is highly eye-catching graphics. If it is attached to your building make sure your signage is fresh and visible. DO NOT let your sign break or get grungy. This is like a smile and you want to keep it clean, crisp and taken care of. 

4. Educate your customers or members on the ATM. make sure that your employees know ALL of the functions of your ATMs so that they can assist your customers or members with any questions they may have regarding the machine. Machines are getting more and more sophisticated and because of that they may look more intimidating to customers. Make sure that your customers or member know what slot is for what function. Is it envelope free? Make sure they know that. Can they make cash deposits? Make sure they know that. Does it transform into an alien fighting robot? Just kidding they haven't released that model yet! But you get the picture. The more educated your member and customer base is the happier they are! 

5. Maintain your machines. The best part of the ATM is that it is working even when the office is closed. Because the ATM can be 24/7 make sure that it is working 24/7. People are banking on their own terms now. They do not feel the need to be constrained to the hours of a traditional bank, so they are turning to the ATM to do things that traditionally the bank would handle. So, make sure they can do this at 2am if they would like to withdraw cash they can do so or at 7pm if they want to deposit their commission checks they can do so as well. By maintaining your machines your bank truly becomes a 24/7 facility, generating revenue as you sleep! 

- Please feel free to contact us at Sales if you would like help with any of the above solutions. We would be glad to help you get the most out of your ATM!